Case Study: The Measurable Results of Brafton Content

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Our business partners across industries have consistently seen positive results using Brafton’s news content marketing – and providing analytics to measure ROI is part of our service.

Building pages to be indexed

The nature of news demands that content be consistently updated, which helps our clients increase their overall pages to be indexed by search engines. The more keyword-optimized pages a site generates, the more visible it becomes to search engines.

Plus, more pages increase the chances that site content will match online consumers’ queries. Gradually, this improves result rankings.

Brafton’s news content builds steadily and makes our partners more visible to search engines.

Client Example: Travel
This is a chart showing a travel client's cached pages in Google. They more than doubled in four months through Brafton's content marketing efforts.

Here is one client in the travel industry, targeting consumers between the ages of 25 and 50 in both the U.S. and Canada.

The client more than doubled the number of pages cached in Google in just four months with the help of Brafton’s news content marketing.

Moreover, Brafton brings the news advantage to our clients. Our partners can apply to be indexed in Google News – a less cluttered space than the general web that offers more relevant traffic.


Client Example: Legal
This chart shows a Brafton legal client's explosive growth of cached pages in Google News, following one month of content marketing service.

This client is in the legal industry. It targets Americans over the age of 21 with its services.

Through working with Brafton, the client achieved Google News inclusion. In just one month, it had more than 3,000 pages cached in Google News.

This means the site is extremely visible to search engines and also to the millions of monthly Google News searchers looking for legal headlines.

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Increasing Inbound Links

Brafton’s clients also see success in generating inbound links from news content that gets shared across the web.

Links are also important to making sites visible to search engines. Each link acts as a vote, marking a page as trustworthy. Not only does this make pages easier for search engines to index, but it also helps move a site up in rankings – key to catching clicks from consumers.

Client Example: Family Services
A chart portraying a Brafton family services client's accelerated growth of inbound web links following the start of content marketing consultancy.

Here is one client, targeting males between 28 and 40 with family services.

After implementing Brafton’s news content marketing onto its site, the client saw steady gains in inbound links to the site.

Better ranking for competitive keywords

One of the leading benefits of Brafton’s news content marketing is making sites appear prominently in search results for industry-specific keywords.

When consumers are looking for products or services online, they find Brafton’s keyword-heavy, exclusive news content. Not only does this boost brand awareness, but it establishes a brand as an industry thought leader with something to say about its sector.

As people return to your site to follow ongoing stories or share your news content with others, your business will rank higher in results for the keywords they search to keep up with your industry.

Client Example: Markets & Commodities
A performance chart that shows a significant improvement in ranking for the Brafton client's primary keyword phrase.

This is a client in the markets and commodities sector. It targets upper-class, middle-aged Americans with its trading services.

When this company started working with Brafton, it ranked on the eighth result pages for the search phrase “commodity trading services.”

Within one month of integrating Brafton’s custom news content onto its site, the client moved into the top ten results for this phrase, placing it on the first page of web results. Within five months, it ranked as the second search result for “commodity trading services,” offering great brand exposure.

Gaining Social Fans and Followers

A major benefit of Brafton’s custom news content is that it generates brand loyalty among social users and fuels online conversations.

Social media has seen skyrocketing adoption in recent years; Facebook has more than 500 million users, and Twitter users exceed 175 million in number. Internet marketers shouldn’t neglect opportunities to connect with these consumers, and exclusive news content is highly appealing to social audiences.

Client Example: Targeted at Under 18 Audience

Unsurprisingly, Brafton has helped clients targeting young audiences leverage their custom content to attract social fans. The client featured below caters to consumers 18 years of age and older.

Within six months of seeding its Twitter feed with custom news content, the client increased its followers nine-fold. Plus, the client was listed 81 times on the microblogging site within this time frame. (Being listed indicates that a user is marked as an industry thought leader, which increases brand trust.)

Chart Showing a Client's Boost in Twitter Followers for Sharing Brafton ContentChart Showing a Client's Boost in Twitter Listings from using Brafton Content
Client Example: Targeted at 50+ Audience

At the same time, Brafton’s successes prove that consumers of all ages are interested in finding news on social sites.

The client below caters to the over 50 crowd. After incorporating Brafton’s news stories onto its site and publishing the content on Twitter, this business was attracted nearly 1,500 Twitter followers in less than five months. Additionally, news content helped the client get listed roughly 100 times over this times period.

A Client's Growth in Twitter FollowersA Client's Growth in Twitter Listings
Client Example: Beauty / Cosmetics
Graph Showing a Client's Growth in Facebook Page Traffic with Brafton Content

Brafton’s content is also ready-made fuel for Facebook posts. Our clients have seen that news content is invaluable Like-bait, as custom news has increased fans and profile activity.

This client in the beauty industry caters to women in the hard to reach 18 to 34 demographic.

As the graph shows, monthly active users increased by 8.8 percent, daily news Likes went up by 10 percent and the brand’s total Likes increased by 2.7 percent in a 21-day period.

Moreover, daily post views increased by 19 percent and post feedback went up by a whopping 867 percent with the help of exclusive news articles. This illustrates that Brafton’s content can fuel conversations on sites.

Client Feedback

Brafton’s clients have been happy with the results of news content marketing as part of their internet marketing campaigns, and their feedback speaks for itself.

Here’s what one client in the B2B technology sector had to say:

I just wanted to take a minute and express how pleased I am with the articles we are receiving, both in terms of content and quality. Some of the social media articles are getting as many as 150 tweets, and we are getting a decent amount of traffic from our inclusion in Google News (often, we are among the first ‘news’ results listed in the generic Google search for keywords related to breaking stories). Additionally, I am very happy with the images that are now being used in our articles – highly relevant and unique.

Thank you so much for everything!

Our clients love us and you might too! Contact us today for more examples.