Social Media Marketing

Conversations lead to conversions

72% of marketers say social content has helped them close deals. Your customers use social media, and you need to be there – interacting with them – to influence their purchase decisions. Brafton’s content is fuel to spark conversations. We help you use it to get more traffic and deeper engagement.

Make your content work harder

Spark conversations with your content. Our social strategists publish your catchiest headlines across leading networks to make your message reach farther. 

Social media marketing is the engine that pushes your brand content to the right audience. Our in-house creative teams work together, so your writers know which topics and headlines get the most clicks and your social strategists are up-to-date on the most important trends in your industry.  

The fastest way to your marketing goals is social promotion. You can’t control how many people are looking for information about your services, but you can make sure they find your answers when they do.  

Bigger footprint, wider funnel

Stay fresh to command social engagement. Our creative teams and social strategists keep a pulse on industry chatter so you can take advantage of trending topics.

Your social strategists make sure your feeds have fresh, relevant content every day to keep your business at the forefront of conversations. 


Conversations go two ways. We won’t promote your content to an empty room. Brafton’s social strategists package your content into bite-sized posts that prompt reactions, and respond when customers reach out to you.

We help you earn followers and fans by identifying audiences you should be engaging with and influencers you should be reaching. 

“Brafton’s social media team has done an amazing job at building our presence both on Facebook and Twitter. Our followers have grown significantly and the articles that are being published are both intriguing and informative.” Kacie Yano, Marketing Specialist, AcademixDirect, Inc.


Reach your most valuable customers. Social promotion is the step that really makes content work for your goals because it makes sure buyers find you no matter where they look. Consumers who engage with your content on social channels get to know you. The more they learn about your products and relate to your values, the more likely they are to be loyal to your business and make purchases. It’s proven that social engagement impacts search rankings to drive visibility and traffic to your site. 

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Brafton’s social media strategists gave Daniel’s Trading the reach it needed to increase traffic and build thought leadership. Consistent publication and an engaging social voice paid off in thousands of new social followers and 175% more social conversions.

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