Announcing @AchievementBird for fast Twitter marketing feedback

Published on
by Brafton Editorial
Want more information about how Twitter content is performing? Add the @AchievementBird to participate in the network's analytics trial.

Marketers follow new Twitter accounts all the time to keep tabs on relevant updates and connect with influential professionals, but one handle in particular may unlock the secrets to social content wins. TechCrunch‘s Matthew Panzarino recently revealed marketers can get occasional social analytics updates about their posts by following @AchievementBird. The handle is understood to be an experiment on behalf of the network that provides metrics about the previous day’s engagement, including Retweets, Mentions, Follows and Favorites data.A new Twitter handle provides marketers with social analytics data.

The handle’s Tweets are currently protected (and it only had 518 followers at press time). Once added to the list, marketers (and general users) will receive updates about key social content performance metrics for the account they’re using to following @AchievementBird. This, could help them clear up questions about whether campaigns are driving ROI.

Brafton recently reported social marketing results are still largely a mystery to marketers, and 83 percent admit they’re not able to confidently measure ROI from their campaigns. They need these insights – whether from @AchievementBird, deep digging into content analytics reports or social listening platforms – to prove their posts are cutting through the noise on the web.

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