Panda 20 rolled out on September 27, impacting 2.4 percent of queries.

Google announces Panda 20, 2.4 percent of queries impacted

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Google informed Search Engine Land on Wednesday that the most recent Panda update rolled out on September 27, just nine days after the previous update, 3.9.2. According to SEL, Google dubbed the update Panda 20, as it is the 20th different version of the algorithm released since the first launch on February 24, 2011.

Panda 20 marks the largest update for the algorithm in 2012, as the iteration impacted 2.4 percent of all search queries. Most updates this year have, more or less, been data refreshes to ensure users saw the highest quality content. However, Panda 20 is large enough for users to notice a sizable impact in search queries.

SEL pointed out that the timing of Panda 20 makes it especially difficult for some sites to assess the reason for a traffic loss they may have experienced. Since Google also rolled out a separate algorithm designed to eliminate low-quality sites from winning clicks when their domains match queries exactly on September 28. While the same improvements would likely solve both issues, it can be difficult to improve a site’s SEO without an exact understanding of its problems.

Earlier this summer, Brafton highlighted comments from Google’s Matt Cutts at SES San Francisco that suggested larger Panda updates may be a thing of the past. Many believed this would mean an impending Penguin adjustment, but nothing has come from Google since late May. While 2.4 percent of queries impacted hardly represents the type of shift that will change search, it is a slight variation from what most expected of Panda.


Joe Meloni
Joe Meloni is Brafton's former Executive News and Content Writer. He studied journalism at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and has written for a number of print and web-based publications.


  • Sachin Gupta

    We are watching an Action movie named “GOOGLE” Produced & Directed by Google Team; Script Writer Mr. Matt.

    These updates like Gun shoots on our business. As Google starts these update lot’s of people lots their business and job.

    I have seen lots of domain in search results on that having EMD but
    they are on top, it just because of they are paying to Google in anyway.
    Google wants to use their programs so that it would be benefited to

    I really appreciate about the quality results Google wants to provide
    but why Google norms always works for small biz. Google wants to rule
    on the Search.
    Most of the webmasters try to follow the Google guidelines some of them not but why all business owners suffer for this.

    Google should understand about the how many businesses are depended
    on their search results. As WORLD economy is on slow down, people have
    no money to invest and job. And These kind of updates like day ghost.

    As we know Google Adsense program not approve the website that having
    the adult content or image but about the Top News website that having
    this kind of content & images with Adsense program. It just because
    of they are big clients and having lot’s of daily visitors. Google
    should keep in mind about the small player.

    *** Google Always deny these facts BUT Truth is a Truth ***

    • JoeMeloni

      It can be more difficult for small businesses to compete, but the path to a good ranking is still the same. Keeping a site relevant and sharing quality content designed to educate prospects and other site visitors limits the negative impacts of any algorithm updates.

  • Rachel Roodhardt

    I’ve also been hit by the EMD and Panda update and I’m not too concerned. I’ve been google-thwacked before and recovered my rankings.