There's a new video sharing platform in town - Instagram announces video and marketers must choose which app is best for digital content.

The battle has begun: Vine or Instagram for video marketing?

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Instagram took the video marketing world by storm when it announced that it now allows users to create 15-second clips on the social sharing platform, seemingly upstaging Vine’s 6-second recording capabilities. Now, marketers must choose between the two as they plan their digital content strategies – will they keep it short and sweet with Vine’s micro-clips or take advantage of those extra 9 seconds on Instagram?

Some things to consider:

  •  Instagram has 130 million users
  • Vine has 13 million users on the iOS platform alone, since it launched as a free app in January 2013, and just became available on Android
  •  Content shared on Instagram receives 1 billion Likes every day
  •  Vine recently surpassed Instagram for Twitter mentions
  • Vine loops videos
  • Instagram offers special filters for videos (which are mostly named after streets and towns, according to All Things D.)

Despite the slight differences, time might be the ultimate divider, according to a recent Nielsen report. After researching individuals’ attention and emotional responses to video clips, the study found the 10-20 second range is the sweet spot for ultimate viewer engagement.

Still, it’s best that marketers pursue the channels that support their content marketing strategies and appeal to target audiences.

Lauren Kaye
Lauren Kaye is a Marketing Editor at Brafton Inc. She studied creative and technical writing at Virginia Tech before pursuing the digital frontier and finding content marketing was the best place to put her passions to work. Lauren also writes creative short fiction, hikes in New England and appreciates a good book recommendation.


  • Evan

    Viewability within Twitter feeds is also a distinguishing factor.

    • TedKarczewski

      Hi Evan,

      I agree – if brands use Twitter to engage their audience more than any other network, it might be worthwhile to stick to Vine. However, the added time and the Cinema technology really adds a touch of professionalism to these social videos. My mind was blown when I recorded by first action video on Instagram!

      Thanks for reading,

      • Evan

        If, as Nielsen reports, 10-20 seconds is the sweet spot for engagement and emotional response, then I can certainly see Instagram becoming an integral, even preferred, tool for promotion. I also like Instagram’s promo for the weekend hashtag, wasting no time at encouraging video submissions and explaining the feature.

        Viewability in Twitter is something Instagram disabled on their end, so it’s still very much in their power to reenable that. It’s frustrating, the way they are phasing in the feature across devices, however. I’ve updated the Instagram app twice since the Android announcement, yet my Galaxy S4 has not yet been dealt the feature.

        I do like the lack of looping, though. It would be nice if Vine gave creators a toggle button to choose whether a submission will loop or not.

        • TedKarczewski

          I agree – I think Vine is forced to play catch up a little. It’s a great functioning application, but lacks a lot of the creative features of Instagram. But that’s not to say Instagram doesn’t have some downfalls, too. I’m surprised they fused the photo and video product into one feed, especially with Facebook’s focus on filtering its News Feed function. To me, it makes sense to separate the two, and make it easier for users to navigate between static images and visual clips.