• Content pruning: When to delete, deindex and repurpose

    Learn how pruning can help optimize your content marketing.

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    Fine-tune your content marketing strategy for B2B success

    B2B marketers form relationships with clients that take time to nurture, and content marketing gives businesses the power they need to do just that.

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    Esurance gives a master class in expanding your audience

    If you want some content marketing inspiration, look no further than one of the most successful ads from Super Bowl XLVIII.

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    Think inside the inbox: 3 steps for acquiring new business with email

    In the rush to build an effective social media marketing strategy, don’t forget about your highly effective old friend: email.

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    4 content marketing lessons from Instagram sellers

    People who sell on Instagram are doing all the right things – and content marketers should take notice.

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    SEO insights from leading hotels: Use content to own brand SERPs

    ​American internet users who turn to the web to research travel opportunities often spend a lot of time clicking around from hotel sites to flight options back to hotel sites…. Read more »

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