Our new Chief Client Officer Sarah Cugini's sharing her top content marketing initiatives for 2015.

Chief Client Officer Sarah Cugini has big goals for Brafton’s content marketing account management team in 2015 , and our clients will reap the rewards.

As our longtime Vice President of Account Management, Sarah has been a fearless leader for our strategists in Boston, Chicago and San Francisco. As Chief Client Officer, she’s ready to kick any traces of “old-fashioned account management” to the curb. Sarah is setting her team on a path of 100 percent creative collaboration – with our clients and our editorial teams on the front lines of customers strategies.  


Chief Client Officer Sarah Cugini.

Sarah’s sharing a glimpse into her top initiatives going into 2015:

Building Brafton’s marketing toolbox

Sarah is undoubtedly her team’s biggest fan. Whether describing their genuine enthusiasm for our clients’ successes or the impromptu dance parties they throw, she’s proud of their “endless creativity.” She finds it refreshing that her team is unwaveringly committed to bettering their marketing expertise and wants to help them offer the most to customers.  

“It’s really important for our strategists to have tools that bring our clients value,” Sarah said. She’s going to make sure of it.

This year, Sarah’s focus is elevating her team’s premium consultancy services. She’s worked to develop new strategic partnerships – including search analytics platform SearchMetrics.

“It’s essential that we deliver clients the most sophisticated and data-rich metrics we can, and that we use bottom-line results to refine and expand strategies. New vendor relationships will provide a wealth of information at our fingertips that we can analyze to improve our content strategies for customers,” Sarah said.

Focusing on quality

“Great content, happy clients. It’s a pretty easy formula,” Sarah said. “However, making sure that the creative is consistently great for over 700 clients is a huge undertaking – it’s one of the main focuses for 2015.”

So what does great content entail? Here’s a quick look at what we’ve implemented in 2014, and how we’ll continue to improve:

  • Stronger client-writer relations: We’re empowering our staff writers, and their creative teammates in video and graphics, to play a larger role in devising content strategies
  • New Brafton WordPress plugin: We built a better tool to put emphasis on customization, error reporting and extended functionality for customers’ content
  • Visually appealing content: We introduced in-line images and pull quotes to our text offerings
  • More bang with long form content, and more bang for your buck with repurposing: We’re focusing on in-depth, long-form pieces (which are winning the search marketing game), and building more cohesive cross-channel strategies to get the most from each asset.

Inviting customers to talk back

“Great content, happy clients. It’s a pretty easy formula,” Sarah said. “However, making sure that the creative is consistently great for over 700 clients is a huge undertaking – it’s one of the main focuses for 2015.”

Sarah has strong ideas about the best ways to serve clients, but she understands clients know what they want – they just need to be heard.  In 2014, Sarah was responsible for the overhaul of Brafton’s customer satisfaction surveys.

“We’re doing a better job soliciting, assessing and responding to client feedback,” Sarah said. “We completely redid our CSAT survey and through analyzing that data, we realized what our main focuses need to be.”

The revamped CSAT is just one of many examples of how Sarah is walking the talk of creative collaboration.

“Sarah has spearheaded a range of key initiatives designed to improve the end-to-end experience for Brafton clients,” CEO Richard Pattinson said. “Happy clients make for a healthy business, and our Chief Client Officer is superbly placed to lead us forward in this regard.”


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