Hi, all! My name is Hannah.

I’m a video producer extraordinaire at Brafton in Chicago. In addition to helping run the team over here, I’m incredibly hands on in every video project I produce.  


I play a part every step of the way in the video production process. I start by helping to scope out video projects with clients, preparing their interview questions, and giving them a glimpse into what the actual shoot will look like.

On the shoot

From there, I attend every shoot in person and help the client (or client’s client) feel comfortable on camera and looking their best (always important). Interviewing subjects on camera is one of my favorite aspects of producing because that’s where the real storytelling comes into play. Listening truly is an art form, so it’s important to tune into what the subject is really saying in order to let the story shine through.


Then comes post-production! Though I’m usually not the one editing the video, I help outline the final product and ensure our delivery is timely and finessed.

Video trends are always changing, so it’s important to be flexible and open to new ideas when approaching a project. Brafton offers a number of different video products to clients, whether corporate promos, client testimonials (like you see me here), or in-studio product demos.

The best part of working at a company like Brafton is our clients are located all over the country. This means we’re constantly traveling to different locations for video shoots. Of course, some locations are better than others. That’s why I wanted to give an in-depth look at our shoot in Riviera Beach, Florida. It was so beautiful, we almost didn’t notice the 95 degree weather and intense humidity.

Until next time!

Hannah Perlmutter is a senior video producer at Brafton. Though a Boston girl at heart, Chicago has won her over with its comedy, music, and food scene. You can find her rummaging through yard sales and thrift stores to pass the time or experimenting with weird recipes from the internet.