As we approach 2014, New Year’s Resolutions are at the forefront of most of our minds. From professional to personal assessments, Braftonians have discussed their resolutions for the new year, […]

As we approach 2014, New Year’s Resolutions are at the forefront of most of our minds. From professional to personal assessments, Braftonians have discussed their resolutions for the new year, and here’s a quick breakdown of just some of the goals they have set for themselves.

Become Google Analytics certified, travel to a new state, try yoga, be a better communicator. Ty, Social Media Manager, Boston

Foster stronger interdepartmental relations. Drink more water. Rebecca, Section Editor, Boston

Ensure the team is constantly learning and being recognized for their hard work. Save my pennies so I can go on more trips this year! Rachel, Graphics Production Coordinator, Boston

Expand my knowledge of video editing workflows and get Google Analytics certified. Get some of my personal writing published. Tim, Video Production Coordinator, Boston

Continue working on a far more interactive training program for Brafton’s Account Management division, including more shadowing, coaching, mock calls and longer-term employee development. I want to release my sophomore album to a wider audience. The music I’ve been writing recently has a much darker edge to it and I think non-country/folk listeners would appreciate it as well. Keyan, Content Marketing Manager, San Francisco

Strive to maintain LifTED’s positive energy with more team building exercises (everyone loves them!) and continue refining my personal writing schedule. Actually do things on the weekends in an effort to experience more of Boston than my usual work commute route. Shay, News and Content Writer, Boston

Work on expanding the Operation team’s end of client reports. Take a trip out of the country! Danielle, Operations Manager, Boston

Learn a programming language. Become a morning person. Greg, Graphics Production Assistant, Chicago

More NEs (editorial term for no edits), make a truly amazing mole sauce (and master authentic Mexican cooking in general), train my dog to close doors and fetch both slippers at once. Jack, News and Content Writer, Boston

Attain SPHR (Sr HR Professional Certification), go Superman Zip Lining in Costa Rica – in January. (It’s a goal because this girl is super afraid of heights!) Delia, Human Resources Director, Chicago

Attend more design lectures and meet-ups around Chicago for professional development.  Get my Etsy store up and running! Ashley, Graphic Designer, Chicago

Establish stronger relationships with coworkers. Be a great husband when I get married this year. Justin, Social Media Associate, Boston

Keep cranking out quality videos with my team. Get my children’s book published and on store shelves by the Christmas rush. Gina, Video Content Associate, Boston

Get to know writers on other teams and new coworkers in general. Volunteer more. Nora, News and Content Writer, Boston

Push my own design and illustration skills, and work with my team to innovate Brafton’s design offerings. Draw and write more. Annalise, Senior Graphic Designer, Boston

Focus more time on client strategies. Take an evening language class. Sabrina, Content Marketing Strategist, San Francisco

Become more involved in other Brafton departments. Find more time for personal writing. Max, Social Media Associate, Boston

Adjust more adeptly to changes. Run in one of those intimidating obstacle course races, learn to take a chill pill. Olivia, News and Content Writer, Boston

Earn PHR (Professional in Human Resources Certification) Go to Vegas! Emily, Human Resources Corporate Recruiter, Chicago

Sign up for more webinars to see what other industry leaders are saying. Call my mom more. Joanna, Social Media Strategist, San Francisco

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Molly Buccini is Brafton's community manager. She joined the team with a background in digital journalism and social media. She's a theatre nerd, pop culture junkie and lover of summertime.