In this video, Brafton offers insights on how to create graphics that will have an emotional impact on relevant prospects and customers. When industry data and research are the foundation, there are several creative approaches marketers can take to reach target audiences.

Brafton offers insights on creating graphics that will have an emotional impact on your target audiences in this month’s Third Thursday Tips video. It’s essential to start with research and an understanding of your prospects’ emotional triggers. Brafton’s Senior Account Manager Kevin Elliot shares some of the creative approaches Brafton’s graphic marketing team takes to building infographics for clients that use data and real-life info to resonate with ideal audiences, win social shares and build brand authority. Check out the full video below:

Video transcript:

Strong content marketing strategies have really transactional goals – and infographics can play into that. They can also be great for brand awareness and as traffic drivers, while serving as top-of-funnel conversion tools.

Understanding your audience is at the core of an effective infographic. To have an impact on your audiences and inspire actions, it’s essential to start with what’s interesting or relevant to them.

Different people respond to different emotional triggers and there are several creative approaches to reaching your target audience.

Make them smile:

  • Using humor, wit or sarcasm can be extremely engaging. Humor can help people identify with your brand, add a lot of personality and typically elicits a vibrant visual language that stands out on social platforms. 
  • By relying on facts, you can still look like a thought leader, even when using a light-hearted tone.

Open their eyes (and minds) with dramatic stats:

  • Shock value is another powerful approach, and the data often speaks for itself. 
  • Presenting relevant and interesting information in quick-stat format makes viewers more likely to act on your products or services.

Educate them with how-to’s:

  • Playing up a how-to approach with researched information can also attract anyone from people interested in getting the closest possible shave, to small business owners who crave advice. 
  • These graphics can also be referenced over and over again, making them a valuable resource.

Once you know your audience, the topic and research tend to come more naturally. 

Amy Ahrens heads up the Graphic Design and Image department here at Brafton, and has been instrumental in creating Whitepaper templates as well as custom infographics for clients. She studied graphic design and communication at Boston University.