Brafton's video blog offers four tips to organize your Pinterest boards for best results this holiday season.

Brands are using Pinterest to market and interact with fans on an entirely different level than before, but if you’re new to pinning you may be wondering how the network can work for your own company. I’ve got four tips to help organize Pinterest boards so your brand is positioned for best results this holiday season! Check out the full video (or read my four tips in the written blog below!).

Video transcript

I’ve got four tips to organize Pinterest boards now so you’re all set for the holiday season.

1. Focus on lifestyle

The first tip is to focus on a lifestyle. Unlike Facebook and Twitter where you can contextualize your business offerings with words, on Pinterest you have to find a way to say something bigger about your services through pictures. It’s a visual medium for sharing pins that correlate with your brand. Think of it this way: If you’re an eCommerce furniture retailer you can’t just fill up boards with pictures of your products. That’s boring and can come off as spammy to your audience. Instead, curate engaging boards that relate to consumers. A furniture retailer might have a baby board that has nursery design ideas for new parents. Pin some non-branded images of inspirational interior design for nurseries, then add in photos of a popular crib or changing table that you sell. Take it a step further by adding pins with baby shower ideas, and maybe include some pins of popular nursery set gifts available for sale. By storytelling with your boards users will be more likely to understand how your brand fits in with their current lifestyles. 

2. Share corporate culture

My second tip is to share your corporate culture. You may be surprised by this, but fans care about what goes on behind the scenes of their favorite brands, so don’t be afraid to show off! You could submit pins of employees collaborating, an office birthday celebration, a sneak peek of some upcoming products or pictures from a recent company outing. It will humanize your brand and allow you to gain trust from followers so they’ll be more likely to visit your website and make a future purchase.

3. Host a contest

Spooky BeautyTip number three is to host a contest. This is an awesome opportunity for brands that are looking to use Pinterest for a fresh campaign. Contests can quickly grow your number of followers, which is perfect if you have a brand new profile that hasn’t gotten proper exposure yet. To participate, invite Pinterest users to follow your account and then use your seasonal or brand-themed instructions to create boards that include some of your products. It builds your audience and gets users to promote your brand. There are many creative opportunities when you host a contest on Pinterest.

4. Get holiday specific with seasonal shopping boards

Finally, create pins for the holidays. During the busy shopping season, many brands offer exclusive products to entice shoppers and promote gift giving. Are you a clothing retailer? Have a seasonal board with pins of your latest men’s products targeted as “gift ideas for him.” This will help users get a jumpstart on shopping lists. Make boards for gift ideas based on budgets, too. For example, if your company sells fashion accessories you can have a board that only includes products up to $20.00 Offer a nice array of boards so shoppers with various budgets can find just what they need.

Use all of these tips for a successful Pinterest strategy, and don’t forget to cross promote your Pinterest account on all your other social media sites so fans and followers can check out what you’re doing. Chances are they are already on Pinterest themselves and will want to follow you!

Kristen is a Senior Social Media Manager at Brafton and Florida native. Her favorite things are traveling, listening to Jay Z, and reading about the latest trends in consumer marketing and advertising.