Joe Meloni

On its Inside Search Blog, Google announced a series of recent adjustments to its algorithm that include a better indexing of detailed web content and improved ability to differentiate between original and duplicate content.

According to Google engineering director Scott Huffman, these adjustments, as well smarter autocomplete for Google Instant, a more attractive tablet layout and others, have been rolled out since the last blog post on November 14

For businesses using SEO campaigns, the increased ability to index extended content and more in-depth information will reward stronger websites with improved SERP positioning.

Moreover, as content marketing becomes increasingly popular, the focus on creating original news marketing content will grow. As Google makes its algorithm smarter and includes the capabilities that allow it to index more information, truly strong content will become more valuable. A greater ability to differentiate between original content and items based off of it will help businesses as well.

The growth of content marketing will continue through next year, placing an especially large premium on Google’s ability to decipher original content from that which is based off it. Brafton reported that technology companies are expected to increase their spending on content marketing in 2012.