Joe Meloni

A report from Pew Internet Research found that 51 percent of consumers turn to the internet first when looking for information regarding nearby businesses. Search engines were the most popular medium, according to Pew, with 38 percent of users relying on them, while 17 percent named speciality websites and 3 percent start business research with social media.

When people are looking for information about a specific company, searching for its name and location on Google or any other engine is viewed as the most direct method, which should inspire businesses to use their corporate names as SEO keywords. Aside from the actual company website, search will provide users with news sources and other pages likely to have reliable information regarding the company.

Traditional platforms, such as television and newspaper, are still important. However, the ability to find specific information at their fingertips is driving consumers to turn to the web. Moreover, 23 percent said they rely on word-of-mouth referrals and reviews from friends and colleagues.

Pew found that the 55 percent of adults seeking information about restaurants, clubs and bars are typically female, city-dwellers and adopters of technology. Meanwhile, those looking for information on other types of businesses are of all genders

As more people begin business research on the web, it’s critical that businesses shift their marketing efforts to reach them. Using informative news content marketing campaigns that focus on providing quality information can help a company boost its appeal on the web and standing on SERPs without being overly promotional.

Brafton recently reported that companies producing engaging web content is the best way to reach target audiences. Moreover, producing different types of content, including articles, social posts and video, keeps users engaged and entertained.