Joe Meloni

Search Engine Journal recently reported that Google will likely maintain its two-thirds share of the search market for the foreseeable future. While the figure may fluctuate a point or two either way, it’s unlikely that Bing-powered search will gain or lose a substantial portion of the market, and SEO campaigns should be planned accordingly.

According to SEJ, Google currently accounts for more than 75 percent of searches related to the healthcare industry, 65.3 percent of B2B queries, 59 percent of searches and 53 percent of financial service queries.

While marketers in these (and other) verticals must remember that it’s always good practice to optimize for search beyond Google, Google SEO should receive a majority of the attention in terms of developing a keyword and content marketing strategy.

Of course, quality content marketing campaigns can arm any website with SEO tactics that should succeed on Google, Bing and other search portals. Engineers from the leading search services agree that content is still king for search engine optimization. As Bing’s Duane Forrester put it, “All SEO ranking signals revolve around content of some kind.”