As online shopping is positioned to hit record-breaking heights this holiday season, Google has announced its Think With Google December Adventure, aimed to help marketers make the most of their internet campaigns. In advance of early December’s “Peak Week” (a prime shopping week), the company is launching holiday marketing insights via the Think With Google Google+ account.

“Think it’s too late for holiday marketing initiatives? Think again!” says Google. The company will share a new tip every weekday to help businesses “spark online holiday sales.”

Today’s tip, found on the dedicated Google+ page, indicates that there is traditionally a dramatic spike in shopping queries between November 27 and December 27. (No need to worry about Cyber Monday being over!) The company suggests this trend in shopping searches coincides with a lull in ad supply, which may mean this is a good time to invest in search ad marketing campaigns.

Of course, this data also offers valuable insight to SEO marketers planning content campaigns for the month ahead. It will be important to incorporate shopping-friendly language into timely blog posts, product landing pages and/ or landing pages devoted to holiday deals.

Businesses might find following Google’s seasonal tips pay off: According to, holiday search engine advertising click-through rates were higher in 2010 than 2009, which bodes well for this year’s holiday search activity.