Joe Meloni

Tumblr announced new features to its blogging interface earlier this month that allow users to customize their pages. This update makes the platform easier to brand for marketers interested in reaching Tumblr’s growing user base.

Tumblr’s popularity has grown heavily in recent months, as users enjoy the service’s combination of blogging and social media. According Tumblr’s official page, users will now be able choose a theme for their page far easier. Scrolling through pages will also become simpler as they are sorted by category.

Additionally, users can preview their pages without loading a separate page thanks to the addition of real-time page previews. While some view Tumblr as solely a tool for the consumer market, enterprise social media marketing campaigns have benefited from the use of the website.

Brafton reported last month that Tumblr pages received more total page views than Wikipedia over a four-week period. Meanwhile, clothing retailer Urban Outfitters recently detailed the success it has had using the service to post its social media content.