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Choose Your Own Adventure With the Bold and Brilliant Ashlee Sierra


Find inspiration in Ashlee Sierra, a creative force to be reckoned with, as we explore her love for writing, animals and unexpected talents.

How Ruairí Tobin Finds Balance at Brafton


Learn more about Ruairí Tobin, an essential team member at Brafton, and how he maintains both a family-centric lifestyle and a successful career.

Oscar Franco on Record: Smells Like Team Spirit


With years of project management experience under his belt, dive into the world of Oscar Franco as we walk down memory lane to uncover his professional success.

A Step Into Jonathan Kowensky’s Little Code World


From medical rehabilitation to building websites from scratch, Jonathan can do it all. Learn more about the adventures that landed him where he is today at Brafton.

April Holland: On the Road and on Her Toes


Learn more about the incredible and objectively cool life of April Holland, Brafton’s rockstar content marketing strategist.

Finding Joy In The Details With Molly Rosseau


Whether it’s at home, on a weekend away or sitting at her desk with dozens of clients to manage, Molly loves watching a plan come together.

Life at Brafton Imitates Art for Kim Mehrtens


Dragons, dramas and a deliberate hand to guide her writing squad. See how Kim Mehrtens, one of our Editorial Managers, brings creative verve to her role at Brafton.

Paddling to those Perfect Sentences with Sonora Birnie


A self-described learning addict, one of our writers never runs out of words — whether they’re onscreen or off. Discover Sonora’s creative joie de vivre at Brafton.

A Close-Up on Video Mastermind Rodrigo Luques


Whether he’s voicing a radio ad or running his own business, Rodrigo is surrounded by screens, mics and musical interludes every day. Now, let’s make him the star for once … Zoom closer on his time as Brafton’s Motion Designer & Editor.