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Finding Your Focus: Why Point-Of-View Matters in Content Writing


Which of these two sentences are you more excited about? Marketers can win a lifetime supply of chocolate. You can win a lifetime supply of chocolate. * Unless you’re about […]

4 LinkedIn Best Practices to Help You Stand Out


Social media is an ever-changing beast — from rebrands to new platforms (I’m looking at you BeReal), it can be hard to keep up. But it doesn’t always have to […]

How to Create a One-Pager Template That Wins Business (Infographic)


A one-pager template is the perfect way for your sales and marketing teams to ensure consistent delivery of a branded asset for every product or service you launch. Here’s how to create a template of your own.

Sloppy Copy? Here’s What You’re Doing Wrong as a Content Writer or Copy Editor


There’s no place for sloppy copy in your digital marketing. It wastes your reader’s time. It erodes the trustworthy, authoritative brand your team has worked so hard to establish. And […]

GA4 Views: What Are They and Have They Changed Since Universal Analytics?


To the chagrin of many (well, at least the ones who don’t know), Google Analytics 4 (GA4) doesn’t have the same fan-favorite “Views” feature that Universal Analytics (UA) has. But […]

What is a Fintech Content Writer and How Do You Choose One?


In internet culture, when two fictional characters are in a relationship (or everyone thinks they should be), they get a “ship name.” And if those characters happened to be finance […]

How to Create a Project Communication Plan (+ Downloadable Template & Infographic)


Looking to optimize your team and value but need a project communication plan example? We’ve got the info and template you need to get started.


Google Refreshes Its SEO Starter Guide: A New Approach for Beginners


As of February 2, 2024, Google announced an update to its SEO Starter Guide. These changes aim to make the document more accessible and relevant for beginners in the field […]

Exploring the Impact: How Virtual Reality Could Change Content Marketing


Back when “the two Steves” were working on the first Apple computer in a Los Altos garage, no marketer would’ve imagined their work would somehow affect their day-to-day business. That’s […]