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PPC vs CPC: Understanding the Difference & Setting Up Your First Campaign


Cost-per-click, or CPC, is the total amount each click on a PPC, or pay-per-click, ad will cost the marketer. We break down the key differences between them and even how to build a winning campaign for yourself here.

Click Fraud Definition and Countermeasures


Back when I was in middle school, my friends and I would race to finish our projects early so we could play Cool Math Games or any other browser-based video […]

How to Make a Buyer Journey Map for Your Brand (Infographic)


Here’s your quick guide to buyer journey mapping — including step-by-step instructions and examples to follow.

Gabriella Martins on The Pursuit of her Dream Career


From wanting to become a vet to developing code and finally becoming a graphic designer — Gabriella Martins knows no barriers to pursuing her dream career.

Why Landing Page Experience Matters (+ How to Improve Yours)


Having a high-quality landing page experience can improve your ad rank position and increase conversions. Follow these tips to make sure yours is top-notch!

What Is a Social Media Strategist, and What Role Do They Play in Your Marketing? (Infographic)


Take a walk in a social media strategist’s shoes to find out what this role entails and why it’s key for marketing, advertising and branding!

How Marketers Can Save Time: 8 Efficient Time-Saving Strategies


Is your marketing team wasting time on tasks they could automate? In this guide, we dive deep into tools, strategies and tips to help your marketing team automate tasks and become more efficient.


Two Birds with One Stone: SEO Strategy for Multiple Locations


Learn more about how to boost your SEO strategy for multiple locations and why it’s so important.

Flying to Success With Brett Jenkins


Learn more about one of our best and brightest on the Brafton web developing team, Brett Jenkins.