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    Gaza conflict involved SEO


    In what may prove to be one of the ways global conflicts are fought in the 21st century, Israel used search engine optimization (SEO) to halt the online backlash it was receiving during the recent con

    Net neutrality affects SEO


    Net neutrality is one issue that has the potential to greatly affect search engine marketing, but it is being almost completely overlooked by the industry. That’s according to WebProNews, which […]

    Online news more trusted than television, blogs


    People trust news they get from online sources as much or more than information gathered from friends or watching television, but they see blogs as the least trustworthy way of getting information.

    Lack of SEO may hurt Burger King


    An article from AdvertisingAge magazine shows just how important search engine optimization is, and how a missing "s" may be affecting a Burger King ad campaign.

    Recently, Burger Ki

    Small businesses intimidated by SEO


    A new study from Microsoft finds that almost 60 percent of small businesses with websites don’t use any form of paid search marketing, with 9 out of 10 saying they never even tried it.

    The su

    Content marketing to expand in 2009


    Despite rough economic times and news that the U.S. is officially in a recession, a majority of companies will expand their spending on content marketing in 2009.

    That’s based on a resea

    Google remains search engine leader


    New figures from internet analysis company comScore finds that Google is continuing to have a strangle hold in the world of search engines, conducting more than triple the searches of Yahoo, its close

    Social networks might help SEO


    Social networking sites have grown from a niche market for teenagers and college students to a bona fide phenomenon with Facebook claiming more than 140 million active users and the 25 and older age g

    SEO important for non-profits, charities


    When it comes to search engine optimization, people typically think of businesses looking to increase traffic and revenue. But another segment of the population can benefit from SEO as well – cha