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    New York clothing line uses SEO to boost sales


    R.A.G. New York, a New York City-based retailer was doing well with in-store sales, but saw little movement on its website sales – until it began using search engine optimization […]

    Mobile ad spending to continue increase


    Although mobile advertising has taken a hit this year, a new report finds that it is expected to bounce back in 2010 as more people get their hands on smart phones and other mobile devices.


    Companies continue shift from traditional to online marketing


    Many companies have forecasted that online marketing will continue to grow to the detriment of traditional marketing outlets, but a new study from Forrester Research shows just how drastic the […]

    Companies increase need for original content, SEO work


    It would appear there is a growing interest from websites looking to create original content as one job site finds that businesses looking to hire people who can provide that […]

    Apartment search website uses SEO to boost traffic


    The internet is littered with websites related to people in the hunt for a new apartment, but even in this recession one website says it has seen a traffic boost in the last six months with help from

    Did Atlanta Journal-Constitution unveil its SEO practices?


    An apparent internal oversight at one newspaper may have shed some light on news organizations’ attempts to draw in readers with search engine optimization (SEO). An article which ran on […]

    Construction firm turns to online marketing


    It’s no surprise that web startups implement online marketing from the beginning of their existence, but one construction company has shown that even a firm that’s over a century old can get into the

    Desire to load content with SEO keywords can backfire


    When companies begin using search engine optimization (SEO) and original content to boost their website traffic they often decide to go heavy on dense keywords, but experts say that’s the […]

    New Twitter search means users must consider SEO in 140 characters


    A growing number of businesses have begun using Twitter over the last year but soon they may need to worry about Twitter search engine optimization (SEO) just as much as […]