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Getting Started with Multichannel Content Marketing


New to multichannel content marketing? Here’s all you need to know to take your content strategy to the next level.

The Essential Digital Marketing Buzzwords Guide


When the bots overtake us, will they create better marketing buzzwords than we could have imagined?

Give People What They Want: Using Audience Insights To Create Marketing Initiatives


A vital lesson every marketer must learn at some point is this: Pay attention to your audience insights to learn what your customers want. Do this successfully with these tips and tricks.

Juggling with Julia: Life, Lens and Projects at Brafton


Meet Julia Hergart, Brafton’s senior project manager who expertly juggles work, hobbies and the ever-shifting world of digital marketing.

Are You Adding New Information to the Web? Or Just Summarizing?


Discover the power of original content creation and research to gain brand authority and backlinks. Learn best practices to inspire your approach.

Learn How To Fix an Unsecured Website + Expert Tips


Learn about the risks of an unsecured website and discover how to safeguard your online presence and visitors.

Rows, Columns, and Beyond: Embracing the Grid and Knowing When to Let Go


As we continue to evidence so many advancements in the world of technology, it’s worth pondering: What’s the deal? Why are we so drawn to spreadsheets? And more importantly, when should we look beyond the grid?

How To Utilize AI in Content Marketing (While Keeping Your Content Original)


It’s a buzzword that stirs up a mix of excitement and apprehension. Although AI sparks many debates, the truth is, AI can be used to your advantage.

Top 10 CDP Use Cases For Your Marketing Team


Enhance your customer experience and their overall journey with these seven essential CDP use cases.