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    Effective SEO ‘relies on text’


    For successful search engine optimization (SEO) it is necessary to have text-based content rather than images and flash, Google has said.

    Kent Sugarman from AdSense Publisher Support said whi

    Social media offers marketers “more bang for their bucks”


    Marketers can enjoy "more bang for their bucks" by promoting brands through social media, an expert suggests. Duncan MacPherson, co-founder of professionals networking website My8020.com, makes his comments to online […]

    Yahoo! urges care with keywords


    It is important to select the most appropriate keywords for a successful pay-per-click campaign, a major search engine explains. Yahoo! makes its comments in the company’s search marketing blog, noting […]

    Half of Americans ‘use search each day’


    America is using search engines more and more, a new report reveals. Research made available by PEW Internet and American Life Project, and undertaken by senior research fellow Deborah Fallows, […]

    LA Times sees SEO traffic increase


    Search engine optimization (SEO) is responsible for a rise in traffic to the LA Times online, it claims.

    The revelation was made in a memo from the executive editor, published through one of

    McCain outspends Obama in online search advertising


    Senator John McCain has outspent Barack Obama for two consecutive months in online search advertising, it has been reported.

    While Obama has spent more than McCain in overall campaign promoti

    Broadband ubiquity results in “first online video Olympics”


    The widespread availability of broadband technology has made this year’s Olympic Games the first "truly online" event of its kind, according to Nielsen Online.

    Jon Gibs, vice-presid

    Google US search share reaches 70%


    Google’s share of searches breached the 70 percent barrier in terms of all US searches carried out in July, it has been reported. Heather Dougherty, director of research at web […]

    Wikia Search ‘aims to break Google’s domination’


    The founder of Wikipedia is hopeful that a project he is currently spearheading will break Google’s domination as the most widely used internet search engine, it has been reported.

    Jimmy Wale