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    Use of social networks still growing, says E-consultancy


    The use of social networking sites is continuing to grow, according to web resource E-consultancy.

    Graham Charlton, a researcher at the online publisher, explains that despite MySpace, Facebo

    Yahoo! to tweak homepage


    Yahoo! has announced plans to modify several sections of its website – including the homepage – over the coming months.

    At a press conference held in recent days, Ash Patel, executive vice-pr

    Make keyword list ‘before producing web copy’


    Online marketers should create a list of keywords to incorporate into web copy before producing it, an industry commentator has explained. Anne Holland, founder of internet resource Marketing Sherpa, explains […]

    Google first in August US web traffic figures


    Google held its position as the number one web property ranking during the month of August, according to new figures from comScore. The online analyst’s latest Media Metrix notes the […]

    Google Chrome attracts 2m US users in first week


    Google’s Chrome browser attracted just under two million US users in the first week after its launch, new figures indicate. Data from Nielsen Online shows 1.93 million Americans – 73 […]

    URLs ‘should be short and readable’


    Website URLs should be short, readable, memorable and descriptive, a sector commentator has explained. Graham Charlton makes his assertions on E-consultancy’s internet marketing blog, noting web address design is an […]

    Yahoo! forms digital advertising council


    Yahoo! has formed a Digital Advisory Council which will work collaboratively to explore the continuing evolution of web advertising and digital media, it has announced. The body will be comprised […]

    Google launches G1 cell phone


    Google and T-Mobile have unveiled the T-Mobile G1 – the first cell phone to use the search engine company’s Android operating system. In a post on Google’s Mobile blog, product […]

    Keywords vital for SEO, says expert


    Keywords are an integral part of creating an effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, it has been explained. Writing on the online pages of Forbes, sector commentator Melanie Lindner recommends […]