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    Web users ‘hunt valuable content’


    It is not just search engines which trawl the web looking for quality content, people do as well and website owners need to respond to this demand, an expert has commented.

    In a post through

    Social marketing ‘funnels organic traffic’


    Firms are becoming increasingly aware of social marketing as an effective tool for targeting organic traffic, an expert has commented. Jack Humphrey, creator of online community Social Power Linking, asserted…

    “Fight back” with online content


    Companies which suddenly find themselves uprooted from the top place in search engine results should fight back with content, an expert has urged.

    Fred Greenhalgh, internet marketing and comm

    Finding top keywords ‘a challenge’


    Choosing suitable keywords for search engine optimization (SEO) can be challenging for marketers, an expert has stated. Eric Enge, president of Boston-based SEO firm Stone Temple Consulting, made his comments…

    Google ‘remains most visited search engine’


    Google was once again the most visited search engine in the US last month, a new study has revealed. Research by internet information provider comScore has shown Google possessed more…

    Marketers expect email boom


    More than eight in ten marketers anticipate increasing their use of email marketing over the next 12 months, a new survey has revealed. Datran Media, a digital marketing firm, questioned…

    Use ‘AdWords, SEO & links together’


    Google’s AdWords service can be excellent at boosting traffic to a website, however, marketers should not ignore other online strategies, an expert has commented.

    Matthew MacDonald, author of

    Google experiments with search layout


    Google has created an experimental search page to allow people to try some of its ideas for making results more user-friendly.

    It first began showcasing alternative views last May but has now

    Email marketers ‘must avoid bounces’


    It is vitally important that email marketers remove invalid email addresses to limit their bounce percentages, an expert has commented.

    Ross Kramer, chief executive officer of marketing softw