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    Global SEO: New challenges for marketers


    Writing content for global search engine optimization (SEO) presents different challenges to country-specific web marketing, an expert suggests.

    Julie Batten, the e-marketing manager at Klick

    More precise terms ‘could help search ranking’


    Using more precise keyword terms could help with search engine optimization (SEO), an expert claims. Writing for Computer Active, Mark Wilson says that to narrow down the millions of results […]

    Email marketing ‘appeals to 45%’


    Receiving details about new products or offers would appeal to almost half of consumers, a new report has found.

    Of the 500 people surveyed, 45 per cent said they would be "interested&qu

    Email newsletters ‘should be tailored’


    Companies should tailor the content of their email newsletters to each subscriber, an expert has advised.

    Newsletter specialist Denise Cox explained that software is available which can creat

    Google targets “original and compelling” content


    Regularly-updated "original and compelling" content helps improve search engine rankings, according to Google’s AdSense blog.

    ‘Optimize with both on-page and off-page SEO’


    Achieving effective search engine optimization (SEO) requires attention both on and off-page, it is claimed.

    Reprint ArticleSite reports that the algorithms that determine which results appea

    SEO “should be a lifelong engagement”


    Those seeking to use search engine optimization (SEO) to rise up search rankings need to be aware that making a website more Google-friendly "is not a one-time fix", an expert has warned.

    Email newsletters ‘connect with customers’


    Maintaining an effective email newsletter can allow a company to connect with its customers and reinforce its brand, an online marketing expert has explained.

    Writing for the Eastside Busines

    Sports websites ‘should optimize’


    The "lucrative" sports audience should be attracted to a website through search engine optimization (SEO), JupiterResearch has advised.

    According to the company, sports fans represe