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    Websites should be SEO and social media friendly


    With a growing number of people using sites like Twitter, one expert says it’s not enough for a company’s website to be search engine optimization (SEO) friendly, it must also […]

    Decision to use SEO or paid search depends on audience


    When choosing to use online marketing some companies struggle with the decision to use either paid search or search engine optimization (SEO), but one group says it depends on who […]

    SEO content should still be written with people in mind


    Some people are still of the mindset that search engine optimization (SEO) is all about getting the most keywords onto a page as possible, but there appears to be a […]

    Environmental group uses SEO to embarrass CEOs


    It appears that search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t just for companies looking to increase their visibility in a positive sense, but it can also be used to potentially embarrass some […]

    Social networking growing as an online marketing tool


    There was a time when many believed that social networking was just a fad that would only be used by the young, but as its popularity continues to grow it is becoming a major part of many companies’ o

    Mobile marketing expected to increase


    A growing number of people are getting their online content on their mobile devices which means that some companies may want to consider shifting budgets to mobile marketing. DMNews reports […]

    Bing briefly overtakes position as runner-up to Google


    Over the years many search engines have tried and failed to fight Google for industry supremacy, but early statistics appeared that Microsoft may have fired the first shot over the bow of the mighty G

    Newspaper’s new blogging site to give SEO help


    Many have said that the newspaper is a dying industry as more and more readers get their news on the web, but in an attempt to keep themselves relevant some […]

    Bing may be too easy


    A lot of articles have already been written about the merits of Microsoft’s new "decision engine" Bing and how it could potentially change search engine optimization (SEO) but according to […]