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    SEOs may want to rethink some dangerous keywords


    A new report from McAfee may cause some search engine optimization (SEO) experts to rethink which keywords they use as some are seen to be closely tied to malware.

    Bing likely to change SEO


    Yesterday Microsoft finally unveiled its much-hyped search engine, Bing, which the company says is the first step to moving beyond search, but according to one expert it will also mean […]

    Auto dealer to use SEO to drive sales


    It’s no secret that the auto industry is struggling during the recession, but in order to help make itself more visible to those still looking to buy vehicles, one Massachusetts car dealer is turning

    SES Toronto analyzes copywriting, Twitter


    Just like everything else on the internet, the world of search engine optimization (SEO) is in constant flux and nothing exemplifies that better than the agenda at this year’s Search […]

    Retailers expected to maintain online marketing despite recession


    The ongoing recession has many companies considering cutting back on their marketing efforts, but those who stick it out position themselves to benefit from reduced competition.

    A survey rele

    Online marketing one of few bright spots in 2008


    Although the weakening economy has hurt almost all forms of marketing, a new report finds that online marketing was one of the few bright spots last year.

    According to the report from TNS Med

    Retail sites should focus on SEO, not customization


    A new report from Gartner notes that ecommerce website may be better suited spending their budgets on items like search engine optimization rather than a custom website. According to the […]

    Twitter as a search engine threat is ‘overblown’


    When Twitter recently announced it would be making adjustments to its search function many people noted that it might mean the micro-blogging service could rival other search engines, but industry exp

    Google to unveil ‘rich snippets’


    Earlier this year Google announced changes to the snippets users see on search engine results pages (SERP), and now the search giant says it will be introducing "rich snippets" to help searc