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    Email content ‘must benefit recipients’


    It is important that the information supplied in an email marketing campaign benefits the consumer, firms have been advised.

    A post published on the online resource EmailAppenders Weblog has

    Outsourcing SEO ‘saves time and adds value’


    Employing a search engine optimization (SEO) firm can raise a business’s online profile without taking up too much time, it has been suggested. Scott Buresh, of search marketing agency Medium […]

    Recession ‘demands more’ from online marketers


    Fears of recession mean online marketers are being asked to do more with less, an expert has asserted.

    Bryan Eisenberg, co-founder of marketing consultancy Future Now, made his comments in an

    Article marketing ‘great way to boost traffic’


    Article marketing is one of the best ways in which a firm can attract traffic to its website, an expert has claimed.

    Industry commentator Atkinson David made his assertion in an article for t

    Search marketing a ‘popular digital tactic’


    The most popular elements of a digital marketing strategy are search engine tactics, an expert has commented. Andreas Roell, president and chief executive officer of digital marketing firm Geary Interactive, […]

    Basic SEO ‘boosts website performance’


    Firms which spend time employing even just basic search engine optimization (SEO) principles will see a difference in their website’s performance, an industry commentator has asserted.


    Google to sell DoubleClick’s SEO arm


    Google has announced that it is to sell the search engine optimization (SEO) segment of its recently acquired marketing firm DoubleClick. The search giant has declared its intentions to part […]

    Social media ‘an influential marketing tool’


    Social media marketing is fast becoming one of the most influential tools a promoter has access to, a company has claimed. Online resource Social Marketing Explosion has stated that 80 […]

    Presidential hopefuls ‘lack email marketing skills’


    Many of the presidential hopefuls’ email marketing messages are going unread, an expert has asserted. Jen Udan, spokeswoman for website development agency Zilker Ventures, has warned that candidates are not […]