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    Email achieves ‘high ROI at a low cost’


    When compared to other marketing channels, email has the highest return on investment (ROI) and the lowest costs, one expert asserts.

    Meenakshi Wali, the co-founder and business development h

    Content ‘the most important website factor’


    The most important factor of any corporate website is the content it offers readers, an expert has remarked. Writing for online news source CMS Wire, industry reporter Rachelle Goh asserted […]

    Engaging content needed for B2B marketing


    Firms looking to boost their business to business (B2B) interaction through social media need engaging content, an expert has remarked.

    Tim Weller, the group chief executive of Incisive Medi

    US consumers ‘made 10.8 billion searches in May’


    American web users made 10.8 billion core searches in May alone, a new report has revealed. The analysis released by research firm comScore shows Americans made two per cent more […]

    USA: 58m receive mobile marketing messages


    In the USA alone, 58 million people received a marketing message through their mobile telephones during 2007, a new report has revealed. A study conducted by Javelin Strategy and Research […]

    Google engineer speaks of importance of content


    New material which naturally uses keywords is a good way to increase a website’s visibility within search results, a Google software engineer has explained. Matt Cutts made his comments to […]

    SEO efforts ‘must consider human readers’


    When done correctly, search engine optimization (SEO) means writing a website’s content differently but ensuring the page is useful to readers, a company has commented.

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    Mass global uptake in web access predicted


    Massive global uptake will see one-quarter of the world’s population using the internet by 2012, according to one industry expert. A report by JupiterResearch asserts that 1.8 billion people will […]

    Fashion providers ‘gradually turning to web’


    Clothing retailers are gradually waking up to the fact that they can replicate the success of catalogues through the internet, an industry expert has suggested.

    David Smith, director of opera