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    Web marketing advice for Christmas


    Christmas 2008 is due to be a make-or-break season for many firms, meaning that marketing is "critical", it has been noted.

    Rosabel Tao makes her comments to online resource JCK Onl

    Google Chrome browser launched


    Google has announced the launch of the beta version of an open source browser – Chrome.

    A post on the search engine firm’s official blog by vice-president of product management Sundar Pichai

    Unprofessional websites can be a “death knell”


    An unprofessional website can be a "death knell" for firms, it has been suggested. In a post on E-consultancy’s internet marketing blog, sector commentator Patrick Oak notes that this is […]

    Existing customers a “precious commodity”


    A company’s existing customers are a "precious commodity" who are the "best prospect" for a firm’s next sale, according to the Local Online Marketing Association.


    ‘Don’t forget SEO basics’


    Webmasters are being reminded not to forget the basic principles of search engine optimization (SEO). According to Ann Smarty, writing in the Search Engine Journal, simple ideas such as source […]

    Personalized email marketing ‘57% more effective’


    Targeting email marketing at specific groups of customers can make it 57 per cent more effective than non-personalized marketing efforts, a new report has found.

    According to the study carrie

    ‘Use Cuil to check SEO tactics’


    People trying to use search engine optimization (SEO) to improve their website’s search engine rankings can use new tool Cuil to test the efficiency of their measures, it has been claimed.


    Keyword insertion ‘important aspect of SEO’


    Inserting appropriate keywords into a website is essential for search engine optimization (SEO), an expert argues. Graham Charlton, a researcher for the online marketing resource e-consultancy, explains SEO is about […]

    Event organizers urged to use social platforms


    Event organizers should use social media marketing as a promotional tool, an advertizing expert suggests.

    Heidi Cohen, the president of Riverside Marketing Strategies, makes her comments to t