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    Online buzz for presidential nominees


    The internet is the main place young US voters will turn for political information, an expert has commented. Bill Balderaz, chief innovation officer of online buzz agency Webbed Marketing, stated […]

    Search marketing ‘best tool for driving sales’


    More than 65 per cent of online merchants believe search engine marketing is the best-performing tool they have to drive sales, a new report has revealed. Online resource Internet Retailer […]

    Mobile marketing to reach $24bn by 2013


    The mobile marketing industry will grow to more than $24 billion worldwide by the year 2013, a new report has predicted. A study by ABI Research has claimed new platforms […]

    SEO ‘necessary for online success’


    Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a "necessary marketing practice" for brands which want to succeed, an expert has stated.

    Jeannette Kocsis, vice-president for digital m

    Content ‘more important than links’


    Fresh and regular content is one of the most important things a marketer should consider when seeking to boost their website’s search engine ranking, an expert has claimed.

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    Web users ‘hunt valuable content’


    It is not just search engines which trawl the web looking for quality content, people do as well and website owners need to respond to this demand, an expert has commented.

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    Social marketing ‘funnels organic traffic’


    Firms are becoming increasingly aware of social marketing as an effective tool for targeting organic traffic, an expert has commented. Jack Humphrey, creator of online community Social Power Linking, asserted […]

    “Fight back” with online content


    Companies which suddenly find themselves uprooted from the top place in search engine results should fight back with content, an expert has urged.

    Fred Greenhalgh, internet marketing and comm

    Finding top keywords ‘a challenge’


    Choosing suitable keywords for search engine optimization (SEO) can be challenging for marketers, an expert has stated. Eric Enge, president of Boston-based SEO firm Stone Temple Consulting, made his comments […]