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    Sports franchises sign up to SEO


    In an attempt to increase their web presence at a time when more people are holding onto their discretionary income, NHL and NBA teams are turning to search engine optimization (SEO) to increase busin

    Video’s growing importance in SEO


    Just as many companies are becoming aware that they must use search engine optimization (SEO) in order to compete in the global marketplace, the entire industry is changing and video becoming more imp

    Email marketing on the rise in 2009


    It appears that tough economic times are causing more marketers to turn to email marketing as a low cost and targeted alternative to reaching customers. In fact, 60 percent of companies say they inten

    Search marketing industry to grow in 2009


    All signs point to search engine optimization becoming more important for companies as more people harness the power of the internet and use search more frequently. New research from JP […]

    Affiliate Summit West is sold out, kind of


    Affiliate Summit announced earlier this week that its forthcoming Affiliate Summit West Conference was a sell-out, but apparently that doesn’t mean tickets aren’t still available. As of noon Friday there […]

    Google dominates search engine market


    It should be no surprise that a new study from Nielson Online finds that the search engine market is dominated by Google with well over half of the market and […]

    Ads more effective on original content sites


    Websites with original content have better advertising effectiveness than sites without, according to new research from the Online Publishers Association. In addition, the research shows that the coveted 18-34 demographic […]

    Real estate companies not taking advantage of SEO


    A new study finds that real estate companies are not using search engine optimization (SEO), causing them to miss out on a cost effective way to gather leads during a tough housing market.


    Will Web 3.0 affect SEO?


    It seemed only a matter of time, but it appears that the end of Web 2.0 is almost at hand, giving way to Web 3.0. A post from Tom Wilde […]