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    Marketers ‘failing to integrate PPC with SEO’


    Many marketers are failing to integrate their pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategy with organic search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, an expert has warned.

    Industry commentator Ann St

    Good content ‘maximizes email returns’


    Businesses hoping to maximize returns on their email marketing campaigns should ensure they supply their opt-in contacts with good content, marketers have been advised.

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    Organic search ‘vital’ to online marketing


    The top five organic results displayed by search engines will benefit from around 90 per cent of all clicks, meaning it is vital to employ search engine optimization (SEO), a firm has asserted.

    Marketers urged to use social media


    Marketers must not ignore the potential of social media as a promotional tool, an expert has urged. Debra Murphy, writing for the Masterful Marketing website, explained that firms can see […]

    UGC ‘taking power from marketers’


    User-generated content (UGC) is increasingly influential among consumers seeking to book a holiday online, a new report has revealed. A study published by JupiterResearch has suggested that the rise of […]

    Duplicate content ‘frustrates consumers and invites penalties’


    Businesses hoping to boost their website’s ranking must be wary of publishing duplicated content on their pages, two experts have warned.

    Jessica Cox and Michelle Pierce, writing for online p

    Marketers urged to ‘spice up emails’


    The success of an email marketing campaign can be boosted by offering consumers "spicy" content, an expert has commented. Nick Stamoulis, writing for Brick Marketing ‘s Email Marketing Journal, explained […]

    Google tops valuable brand league


    For a second year in a row, Google has been named the world’s most valuable brand, topping a list of the 100 most powerful trademarks. Market research firm Millward Brown […]

    SEO ‘responds to consumer pull’


    Search engine optimization (SEO) allows marketers to reach consumers without having to push a product on them, an expert has suggested.

    Industry commentator Paul Gillins made his remarks in a