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    Microsoft to attack search engine market


    After essentially giving Google a massive head start in the world of search, Microsoft appears poised to increase its advertising to boost the appeal of its search engine.

    According to a repo

    Not all shopping carts are SEO-friendly


    Online retailers are increasingly using search engine optimization (SEO) to draw consumers to their site in a cost-effective manner, but one industry expert says some sites need to choose a […]

    Marketers and SMBs don’t agree on online marketing


    Although many marketers are obsessed with using social media to interact with clients, a new study finds that marketers and small businesses aren’t seeing eye-to-eye when it comes to the marketing tec

    SEO writing doesn’t have to be robotic


    To get the most out of search engine optimization (SEO) it’s important to use relevant keywords on a website, but one SEO expert says that doesn’t mean the writing has […]

    Could Google, Twitter partnership change search?


    Rumors continue to circulate about a Twitter/Google partnership which could shift social networking, but some say it could also drastically change search engine marketing. According to Nielsen Online, as of […]

    AP stance may affect search engine results


    The Associated Press has announced that it is taking a hard stance on sites that aggregate its news content, which may have an effect on the future of search. Monday […]

    Google increases SEO for local companies


    In what may help the search engine optimization (SEO) for businesses close to the area its customers are searching in, Google has made local searches the default setting for its […]

    Are news organizations using SEO?


    Many industries have been adopting search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to help drive traffic to their websites, but one industry that appears to be using the method may seem strange […]

    Search words in SEO may differ from care words


    In the search engine optimization (SEO) world, search terms are like gold. But one search engine optimization expert (SEO) says companies should be more concerned with care words than search […]