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    Are news organizations using SEO?


    Many industries have been adopting search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to help drive traffic to their websites, but one industry that appears to be using the method may seem strange […]

    Search words in SEO may differ from care words


    In the search engine optimization (SEO) world, search terms are like gold. But one search engine optimization expert (SEO) says companies should be more concerned with care words than search […]

    SEO likely to overtake paid search in 2009


    In its Digital Outlook Report 2009, online marketing agency Razorfish finds that search engine optimization will become an increasingly important part of marketing campaigns – overtaking even pay per click.

    Fortune 500 companies failing at SEO


    Although a growing number of businesses are expected to use search engine optimization (SEO) throughout 2009, a new report finds that Fortune 500 companies are struggling with the implementing the strategy.

    Apartment company intends to increase SEO in 2009


    As more companies look for inexpensive ways to provide return on investment, one firm which assists Americans in finding a home or apartment is ramping up its search engine optimization […]

    Journalists may need to learn SEO


    It appears that in the same way that companies are increasingly using search engine optimization (SEO) the news media may soon be looking into it as well. As even news […]

    Denver begins using SEO for tourism


    As more organizations discover the power behind search engine optimization (SEO), the types of industries using the online marketing tool increases. Now a city is using search engine optimization (SEO) […]

    SEO helps dentist boost revenue


    A cosmetic dentist says that by using search engine optimization (SEO) she has been able to grow her business revenue to more than $1 million per year. Dr Helaine Smith, […]

    SEO will continue its climb in 2009


    Although all marketing channels appear to be struggling because of the economy, a new study finds search engine optimization (SEO) will continue to grow in 2009 and beyond. According to […]