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    Ensure marketing copy is ‘interesting & relevant’


    It is important that newsletters are relevant and interesting if they are to be part of a successful email marketing campaign, it has been claimed.

    Louise Rijk, vice-president of sales and ma

    Speculation rises over aggressive Yahoo! takeover


    The deadline set by Microsoft for Yahoo! to enter into acquisition negotiations passed with no response from latter, leading to speculation that a hostile takeover could be planned.


    Mobile search take-up ‘to explode’


    Mobile search will "explode" over the next few years, meaning businesses have to ensure they rank highly, an expert has commented. Julia Hyde, founder of digital marketing agency Creative Search […]

    ‘Do not rely on product pages’ for SEO


    Marketers wanting to insert keywords into their online content to boost a site’s ranking should not rely on their product pages alone, an expert has urged.

    Generate leads ‘using newsletters’


    Firms preparing to launch an email marketing campaign should generate links by encouraging website visitors to sign up to their newsletter, an expert has suggested. A recent post on the […]

    Most ‘do not enter through home pages’


    A website’s home page is no longer the main entry point for many online shoppers, research has revealed. Pindar Graphics has published findings which show that the majority of e-commerce […]

    Social media ‘generates long-term traffic’


    Social media marketing can generate sustainable and meaningful traffic for a website, an expert has suggested. Industry commentator Jason Lee Miller, writing for online resource WebProNews, suggested that when content […]

    Acquisitions ‘illustrate longevity of social media’


    The way in which some of the planet’s largest media companies are acquiring social networking websites illustrates their importance, an expert has commented.

    Rachel Hawkes, co-founder and edi

    Search engines ‘avoid duplicate content’


    Search engines avoid offering their users duplicate content because diversity helps to improve search quality, an expert has remarked. Eric Enge, president of Stone Temple Consulting, made his comments in […]