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    Email design ‘critical to effectiveness’


    Email design is a "critical" aspect of using the medium to send marketing messages, a new report has concluded.

    A new whitepaper titled Email Marketing Design & Rendering: The N

    Marketers ‘unwilling to engage with Web 2.0’


    Although many marketers are unwilling to actively engage with social media, they all want the benefits it confers, an expert has asserted. Roderick Ioerger, writing for Marketing Pilgrim, suggested that […]

    SEO ‘about quality traffic’


    Good search engine optimization (SEO) is not is not about simply getting many hits from portals but about getting quality traffic, an expert has asserted.

    Industry commentator Derek Gehl made

    Internet advertising ‘an expanding trend’


    Internet advertising is one of very few marketing trends experiencing expansion, an expert has claimed.

    Marketing professor at the Wharton School Patti Williams made her comments through the

    Expert help advised for building online buzz


    Companies wanting to create a greater online buzz should consider calling in a search engine optimization (SEO) expert to guide their efforts, a businessman has said.

    Business solutions consu

    Email marketing ‘easily neglected’


    Firms often find themselves neglecting their email marketing due to time constraints, however it is a "vital" aspect of any business, an expert has claimed.

    Nick Stamoulis, the owne

    News sharing ‘creates marketing opportunities’


    There are a "significant" number of opportunities presented to marketers through the use of news sharing and blogs, an expert has asserted.

    Lee Odden, chief executive officer of Min

    Social media marketing ‘ideal for recessions’


    Social media offers one of the best ways for a firm to market itself during a recession, an expert has asserted. Dave Evans, co-founder of marketing technology firm Digital VooDoo, […]

    SEO ‘helping corporate recruiters stand out’


    Many careers websites and corporate recruiters are using search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to stand out from other sources, an expert has commented.

    Sarah E Needleman, writing for the