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Why SEO content should be written for humans


With the emphasis on keywords, long tail and results page rank, many people in the search engine optimization industry forget that the people who will actually be reading their content […]

Effectiveness of blogs expected to increase


One of the best ways to boost traffic to a website is through the use of original content and with the increase in blogging, many are taking advantage of that – something that isn’t expected to slow a

Twitter is fastest growing property on the web


It’s hard to read technology news these days without coming across something about Twitter – and with good reason as a new report finds that it was the fastest growing website in March.


UK politicians use SEO for rebuttal


If there was ever any question about the power of search engine optimization (SEO) it should be long gone after news has surfaced that politicians in the UK are using […]

In social media, it’s not the size of your network


With an emphasis on sites like Twitter and Facebook, a number of companies have the impression that the marketer with the most friends wins, but a new study puts that theory in question.


SEO can work for doctors too


As the popularity of search engine optimization (SEO) as a low-cost tool to grow traffic and visibility grows it appears that more industries are beginning to use the practice, including […]

Is AOL site just SEO spam?


AOL quietly released a new content site at earlier this month, but according to a number of search engine optimization (SEO) experts, the site is nothing more than spam. […]

Small business – an untapped market for online marketing


Although the ongoing recession has put a damper on many industries, online marketing is expected to rise largely due to a mostly untapped market – small businesses. A new study […]

Twitter must keep users to sustain growth


In recent weeks it seems like every news outlet has been talking about the rapid growth of Twitter, but one expert says that if the microblogging service is to continue its ascent, it will need to kee