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    Social media marketing ‘ideal for recessions’


    Social media offers one of the best ways for a firm to market itself during a recession, an expert has asserted. Dave Evans, co-founder of marketing technology firm Digital VooDoo, […]

    SEO ‘helping corporate recruiters stand out’


    Many careers websites and corporate recruiters are using search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to stand out from other sources, an expert has commented.

    Sarah E Needleman, writing for the

    Importance of interesting newsletters highlighted


    One problem often arising out of emailed newsletters is that they rarely deliver the good quality content they promised, an expert has warned. The owner of Brick Marketing, Nick Stamoulis, […]

    Blogs ‘easily incorporate SEO tactics’


    Keywords and link building are the "hallmarks" of good search engine optimization (SEO) and blogs incorporate both of these easily, an expert has asserted.

    Writing for USA Today, in

    Regular content ‘a key part of long-term SEO strategy’


    The addition of regularly updated content to a website can be an effective way of increasing its search engine ranking, it has been suggested.

    Patrick Altoft, search engine optimization (SEO)

    Intensive email marketing ‘can damage brands’


    Email marketing must be carefully conducted in order to avoid damaging a company’s brand, a new report has warned. New York-based firm Zrinity – which provides servers for email marketing […]

    SEO ‘levels the marketing playing field’


    As many larger firms begin to make use of the increasingly popular tactic of search engine optimization (SEO), smaller organizations should question why they are not benefiting from the approach, an e

    Web 2.0 offers firms “publishing power”


    Because of Web 2.0, companies have more "publishing power" than ever before, an expert has asserted.

    Industry commentator Gary Smith made his statements in an article for online mar

    Generic keywords ‘not always best’


    It is important to target different keywords to the generic phrases everyone else in an industry is using, an expert has stated.

    Scott Buresh, chief executive officer of search engine optimiz