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Google experiments with search layout


Google has created an experimental search page to allow people to try some of its ideas for making results more user-friendly.

It first began showcasing alternative views last May but has now

Email marketers ‘must avoid bounces’


It is vitally important that email marketers remove invalid email addresses to limit their bounce percentages, an expert has commented.

Ross Kramer, chief executive officer of marketing softw

Balanced strategy needed for SEO


There is no single tactic that will guarantee a website a place in the top search engine results, an expert has explained.

Matt Foster, chief executive officer of search engine optimization (

B2B buyers ‘use search first’


Search engines are the first place most business to business (B2B) buyers will look for a product or service, an expert has claimed. Managing partner of consulting firm Ascend2 Sergio […]

Social media marketing ‘generated many sales’


A public relations firm has explained how its recent campaign used social media and viral marketing techniques to generate $1 million in online sales leads for its client. Jennings Public […]

Transactional emails ‘a marketing tool’


Companies should consider transactional emails as a creative communications tool and means of boosting return on investment (ROI), a company has claimed. Email-delivery server-provider Zrinity has published its study Improving […]

Original content ‘a simple SEO requirement’


When considering how best to boost their website’s search engine optimization (SEO), marketers should seek to create original content, an expert has urged. Todd Mumford, writing for the American Chronicle, […]

Static content ’causes plummeting rankings’


Though Google’s precise search algorithms are unknown, those in the search engine optimization (SEO) business have a general understanding of how the system works. Thanks to a number of analytical tools that Google openly provides, savvy marketers can use the search engine to drive traffic to their website.

Email marketing budgets ‘to soar’


US spending on email marketing will grow to $2.1 billion in 2012, from $1.2 billion last year, it has been predicted. JupiterResearch, a firm specializing in consumer technologies, has stated […]