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Proven Results From Our Clients

At Brafton, we drive results. Here’s a closer look at how our content marketing services have helped thousands of clients across hundreds of industries.

The data doesn’t lie: Blog content makes your site stickier

Blog content is an important part of online marketing strategies because it brings in new visitors and gives them a reason to stick around.

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Dedicated social sharing pays ROI dividends: A G+ success story

One Brafton client bucks skepticism about G+’s efficacy by using the network to achieve exponential traffic growth & boost conversions.

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A data request success: Conversion tracking gives hard numbers for online events

Content ROI is a mystery for many marketers, but it doesn’t have to be. A Brafton client shows how event tracking provides conversion data.

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LinkedIn conversations drive referral traffic & social conversions

Social ROI is a mystery for most marketers, but one Brafton client demonstrates how LinkedIn can fuel measurable results.

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Proof of content marketing success in a post-keyword SEO culture

SEO used to be all about keywords, but agile brands are moving away from them to get a clearer picture of their content marketing results.

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Content marketing leads are calling: Dial data success story

One Brafton client wanted specific information about how many website visitors are really converting, and our strategists found the answers.

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ContentFTW: This is what a link EARNING strategy looks like

Think link earning strategies are too good to be true? Think again – One Brafton client successfully generates organic links with custom content.

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When bigger isn’t better – Find your money audience for social success

Learn how one of Brafton’s clients honed in on its most valuable social customers to generate more referral traffic and website conversions.

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News Content FTW: Proof online publication brings crawlers & customers back

Quality over quantity in content marketing – but one Brafton customer’s success shows consistency drives traffic and leads.

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