Video blogs quickly become most valuable content for marketing

One Brafton client saw just how quickly video content can have an impact on marketing results when it added video blogs to its web strategy.

Want 20% more web readers? Diversify your content strategy

A Brafton client diversified its content strategy and saw 20 percent more readers on its website.

Tell a better story: Long-form, in-depth articles get 2x as much engagement

Online audiences are warming up to longer articles, and brands creating in-depth pieces are getting more engaged visitors and web conversions.

Content marketing builds brand awareness for 200% more organic visits

One of Brafton’s clients shows how content marketing services can help brands kill two birds with one stone – driving traffic and increasing brand awareness.

Content right-ing: A scholarly voice & fresh look increase traffic 35%

By adding visuals and refining the content writing style, one Brafton client attracted a wider and more qualified audience.

How you know your content marketing is paying off

Content marketing was driving 67 percent of all organic traffic going to a website, making the strategy indispensable to the company.