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Graphic redesign increases homepage conversions 200 percent

Industry: Communications Content: New graphic CTAs Highlights: Conversions increased 200 percent Looks matter in user experience, and you need good-looking call to action buttons if you want people to convert […]

Measuring video marketing success – Site sees 34% lower bounce rate

Companies that create video content will see their engagement metrics improve and bounce rates drop – Here are results from one of our clients.

Educate & inform readers: Lifestyle content gets more traffic

A pet care company strikes the ideal balance with its lifestyle content that gets audience attention online and drives them back to the website for conversions.

Want to know how to get 150 percent more unique visits to your content?

Companies are getting more unique visits to their content when they put content where visitors and crawlers can see it.

How an infographic helped a company break its lead gen records

Infographics drive results beyond clicks when companies promote them properly – Here’s how one company earned its biggest lead gen day ever.

SEO landing pages help company land 135% more search traffic

Brafton’s client, a technical recruiter, got better search rankings and higher traffic when it optimized its service landing pages.