ClickCease Success Stories | Brafton

The flywheel effect: Content archive drives 61 percent more organic traffic

One company’s results show how content marketing and SEO have a flywheel effect that takes time to build momentum, but drives long-term results.

Infographics engage visitors & entice clicks for a better CTR

Industry: Healthcare IT Content: Infographic plus written content Highlights: Custom infographic helps company see 25 percent CTR for CTAs Infographics are a great way to compress a lot of data […]

Buyers DO find brands online – Company gets 38 percent of traffic from mobile

One Brafton client saw that qualified leads were coming from mobile searches, and its web content was key in attracting them and driving conversions.

Longer content builds trust – eBooks increase average deal size 16%

Content marketing isn’t just about short, search-friendly blogs. Learn how one Brafton client generated larger deals with long-form eBooks.

Blog content, the secret weapon for converting leads from paid & organic search

A Brafton client learned first-hand that content builds trust, and supports conversion opportunities coming from all channels.

Site revamp improves content-driven conversions by 300%

One of Brafton’s home furnishings clients made small changes to its website content and saw a huge impact – triple the conversions.