How to create a social media strategy that caters to diverse audiences

Different content formats on social media can be the key to catering to distinct audiences. Here’s how it worked for our client in the healthcare recruiting industry.

Content marketing less is more: Fewer articles, more depth boosts web traffic & sales

Case study features data from a finance company that drove 27% more online sales with longform content and in-depth articles.

How to build an ecommerce blog for 535% ROI

This success story demonstrates how ecommerce brands can overcome price concerns with effective content – for 535% return on their content marketing investments.

Why diversify content? Success story – 94% more organic traffic & new leads

Industry: Human ResourcesContent: Blogs, video, infographics, whitepapers, social media Highlights:  +94% annual organic traffic, +306% annual social traffic increase, +38% LinkedIn follower growth A goal-focused, diverse content strategy that’s founded […]

3 steps to lowering your corporate blog’s bounce rate (by 80%!)

Industry: Assisted livingContent: In–depth blog posts, news articles, social media promotionHighlights:  80% lower bounce rate year over year, conversions up 130% When people discuss care options for seniors (whether for […]

How to get 25% more referral traffic through email newsletters

The missing piece in your content marketing puzzle? Email newsletters

How a finance brand earned 716% more Facebook fans with contests

Industry: FinanceContent: Social media contests Highlights:  716% follower increase within six months People are picky about the brands they follow on social media. Most audiences want to be entertained or […]

How to build web conversions when people “don’t get” what you do

A content strategy that featured blogging and infographics resulted in a 65% higher conversion rate for one B2B software client.

3 must-haves for a winning social media strategy

Our client understood the importance of social media, but didn’t have the time or resource to post consistently. Here are three ways we boosted Facebook engagement and brought more referral traffic to their website.

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