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How to lower ecommerce abandonment rates with content

Brafton’s content strategy focused on SEO & engagement, but it helped our ecommerce company generate more conversions.

Content increases IT training web sales 91% & overtakes competitor

Brafton’s client that offers IT training to professionals built a content strategy that increased its search presence and generated more sales.

Content increases software company’s search rankings & organic traffic 133%

Find out how our software client overcame the biggest challenge tech companies face with content marketing: Creating engaging content for users.


Payment processing company gets 204% more organic traffic with content marketing

Here’s how a payment processing client increased organic traffic 200% and started ranking for long-tail keywords with a content strategy.

Social media posts influence 71% more purchases for ecommerce company

Can social media marketing drive sales? This ecommerce client proves it can – here’s how Brafton’s social strategy attracts followers, drives traffic & sales.

Video marketing for dual wins: More traffic, more subscribers

Video marketing is an engaging way to increase search visibility, but brands need to optimize with content for best results. Here’s what one Brafton client learned: