This video explores ThinkingPhones' review of Brafton, including content marketing consultancy & quality of the blogs, videos & social media posts. Watch the testimonial.

ThinkingPhones is one of the nation’s fastest-growing cloud communication companies, and VP of Marketing David Laubner is aware of the huge market potential for the companies’ services. To bring their award-winning technology to businesses actively on the market, he needed a solid content marketing strategy that mirrors buying journeys for different personas. Enter Brafton – or as David calls us, “the content experts.”

David initially turned to Brafton to assist with the company’s blog. After the first year of highly successful content, his team made it “a top priority to keep Brafton in the budget” and expanded our partnership to include video marketing and social media marketing. Check out his Brafton review in this testimonial.

Katherine Griwert