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    Infographics engage visitors & entice clicks for a better CTR


    Industry: Healthcare ITContent: Infographic plus written contentHighlights: Custom infographic helps company see 25 percent CTR for CTAs Infographics are a great way to compress a lot of data or relay […]

    Blog content, the secret weapon for converting leads from paid & organic search


    A Brafton client learned first-hand that content builds trust, and supports conversion opportunities coming from all channels.

    Visitors flee boring websites – Video content increases dwell time 6x


    Video content can help companies get visitors more engaged on their websites – One Brafton client saw dwell time increase 6 times.

    It pays to keep a close eye on analytics – a 404 error recovery story


    Recovery from a seemingly small mistake, like a 404 redirect, can have a huge impact on a company’s marketing results.

    The data doesn’t lie: Blog content makes your site stickier


    Blog content is an important part of online marketing strategies because it brings in new visitors and gives them a reason to stick around.

    News Content FTW: Proof online publication brings crawlers & customers back


    Quality over quantity in content marketing – but one Brafton customer’s success shows consistency drives traffic and leads.

    Corporate blogging generates new visits & drives conversions [data]


    Website traffic and search rankings are only half the ROI story of regular content creation. See how one Brafton client demonstrates consistency fuels conversions.