Did you know that 75 percent of Americans look for news online? News content marketing arms your website with articles that will engage an online audience. Search-optimized, industry-specific news content published exclusively to your site will ignite conversations about your brand.

Custom news content delivers relevant traffic, engagement and conversion.

You’ll see your brand’s industry authority strengthen, and your website will be more easily found online – through both enhanced search engine optimization and frequent social sharing.

Client Example: Markets & Commodities
Chart Showing a Client's Page Rank Improvement with Brafton Content

After implementing Brafton’s custom news marketing onto its site, the client saw steady gains in inbound links.

Plus, the optimized content quickly moved Brafton’s client onto the first page of Google results for competitive keywords, offering great brand exposure.

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Content Marketing Strategy & Consulting

Content is only as valuable as the planning behind it. Brafton specializes in strategy, consultancy, and promotion that engages audiences and supports commercial goals across all channels.

Content Strategy

Content marketing strategists create campaigns to achieve client objectives using data-driven action plans and industry best practices.

Technical SEO

Consultants evaluate client websites to identify issues and enhance SEO and user experience.

Social and Paid

Social media strategists engage with online audiences and maximize paid advertisement results.

Marketing Automation

Email experts leverage cutting-edge technology and promotional best practices to reach target audiences and ensure return on investment.

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