This week, the first episode of MTV's show Skins garnered plenty of attention and internet searches for its racy sex scenes and images of drug use among high schoolers. The […]

This week, the first episode of MTV's show Skins garnered plenty of attention and internet searches for its racy sex scenes and images of drug use among high schoolers. The network aired the show at the 10 p.m. time slot, and many parents seem to feel that teenagers are still likely to be awake and tuning in at that time.

"It's a show about teenagers and it's created for teenagers and I think it goes pretty far," family therapist Terry Real said on Good Morning America.

He added, "I think that it is terribly important that we let our kids know that this is in fact not the norm."

Natalie Portman has been in the limelight since the release of her film Black Swan, and the actress and expectant mother is still a trending topic. At press time, "natalie portman" returned approximately 11,400 Google News items. The Golden Globe winner's latest film, No Strings Attached, is a romantic comedy costarring Ashton Kutcher.

In other celebrity news, Jesse James and Kat Von D generated plenty of searches when they announced that they are engaged. The pair began dating last year, shortly after the cheating scandal that effectually ended James' marriage to his ex-wife Sandra Bullock.

"2010 was actually the best year of my life because I fell in love with my best friend. An amazing woman who stood behind me when the world turned their backs," James told People Magazine of his relationship with Von D.

If celebrity gossip blogs are correct, the tattooed pair plan to marry sooner rather than later.

Owen Wilson fans took to the web earlier this week to learn about the latest addition to the Wilson clan. The funnyman and his girlfriend, Jade Duell, welcomed a baby boy into the world, and the pair revealed the child's unique name: Robert Ford Wilson. It's speculated that the name was inspired by the historical figure Robert Ford, the outlaw best known for killing Jesse James in 1882.

Concerned citizens have been consistently searching for status updates on the condition of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who has been treated at the University Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona, since a gunshot passed through her brain on January 9.

This morning she was transferred to a rehabilitation facility in Houston, Texas, reports. Though doctors have cautioned that her road to recovery will be long, her survival itself is statistically remarkable.

On Thursday night American Idol fans hit the web after watching the reality show's first episode of the season. Sitting on the judges table this time around were newcomers Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. Ellen DeGeneres, who offered her support, criticism and humor to the competition last season, did not return.

Finally, the Sundance Film Festival kicked off on Thursday, and entertainment news hounds have been eagerly searching for news on this year's indie hits. So far the titles that are generating the most buzz include My Idiot Brother, The Details and Margin Call, according to The New York Times.

Check back next week to learn which entertainment news stories have garnered the most searches and discussions.

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