Throughout this week, it seemed that everyone was abuzz about Super Bowl XLV, when the Green Bay Packers sealed a narrow victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Throughout this week, it seemed that the online community was abuzz about Super Bowl XLV, when the Green Bay Packers sealed a narrow victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers. The game set a history for television – approximately 111 million people tuned in to the games, the largest TV audience of all time. The match wasn't just for sports fans either; many people were eager to see the highly anticipated commercials, musical performances and movie trailers that aired during the game.

As of today, Google Realtime results for “Super Bowl ads” reveal that bloggers and social users are still discussing some of the most popular – or controversial – advertisements. A YouTube video montage of all the ads was generating minute-to-minute conversation nearly a week after the game.

The Black Eyed Peas' halftime performance garnered some rather unsavory reviews from tweeters and bloggers across the nation. Many saw the band's mashup of its own hits as a failure, despite guest appearances by other artists such as Usher and Slash, the guitarist from Guns N' Roses.

In anticipation of the Grammys this Sunday, Lady Gaga released the first song off of her upcoming album, Born This Way. The tune is featured live on her website, and Born This Way has generated more than 2,000 stories in Google News at press time. Many compare the song to Madonna's 1980s hit Express Yourself, as the two songs share similar themes concerning self-confidence and social acceptance.

Gaga is slated to perform at the Grammy Awards, and many speculate she will showcase her new song live on stage. She'll be joined by a host of other popular artists, including a rather surprising trio – Eminem, Dr. Dre and Maroon 5 frontman, Adam Levine.

Justin Bieber will also take to the stage, likely making his large fan base of “beliebers” swoon once again. The teen pop sensation shocked some of his followers when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night completely bald. For those of you out there who love his swooping hairdo, don't fret- it turns out it was all just a stunt.

Bieber's upcoming silver screen release, a 3D concert documentary entitled Never Say Never, is likely to generate plenty of news in the coming weeks. There were more than 1,800 results for “Justin Bieber Never Say Never” on Google News, despite the fact that the movie hasn't been in theaters for 24 hours yet.

These musicians weren't the only celebs to make the headlines this week. Lindsay Lohan found herself on the hot seat once again after she was accused of shoplifting a necklace worth $2,500. If that wasn't enough, LiLo shocked us again when she showed up to court in a skin-tight white dress and her signature big sunglasses. Will that girl ever learn?

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