A pair of studies demonstrate the growing value of Pinterest marketing for consumer-facing brands.

Facebook users are less likely to buy based on their site activity than Pinterest users, directing marketers to the point of pinning this holiday season. Retailers and marketers can use pins to influence buying decisions, especially when shoppers are expected to make holiday purchases online.

Pinterest users are 79 percent more likely to purchase based on what they find on the platform than those on Facebook, according to a study by Steelhouse.

This data comes alongside a recent survey by PriceGrabber that revealed only 46 percent of consumers expect to visit stores this year, down two points from 2011. Americans are opting for mobile and internet shopping (and shopping research), making a Pinterest presence a priority for marketers.

“Online and mobile shopping allows consumers the ability to monitor prices and to shop around the clock,” said Rojeh Avanesian, vice president of marketing and analytics at Pricegrabber. “Today’s busy and money-conscious consumer is looking at these channels as go-to options for finding the best deals during a frenetic period like the winter holiday season.”

As shoppers go online, marketers should follow suit, using both Pinterest and Facebook to influence buyer decisions. According to Steelhouse, consumers admit that both social media marketing content dictates what they purchase.

Emma Siemasko is a former member of Brafton's editorial team. Emma has experience with blogging, travel writing, industry news, SEO and content marketing. She used to live in South Korea, where she mastered the art of using metal chopsticks.